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Event NameEvent Start Date
Canyon Lakes Unauthorized Road Obliteration II09/24/2016
Youth Fuels Reduction09/20/2016
St Vrain Creek - Peschel Flood Restoration and Tamarisk Removal09/17/2016
St Vrain - Peschel Flood Restoration and Tamarisk Removal - Kaiser Permanente09/16/2016
Boulder County Parks and Open Space Russian Olive removal - Gilbert Property09/10/2016
Upper Gunnison Basin Habitat Restoration09/07/2016
Summit and Echo Lakes - Mt. Evans Restoration08/27/2016
Georgia Pass Alpine Restoration II08/20/2016
Seaman Reservoir/ North Fork Poudre River Restoration08/20/2016
Brainard - Long Lake Trail 308/20/2016
EMERGENCY FOLLOW-UP: Lone Hawk Farm RE-De-Teaseling08/16/2016
Diamond Lake Trail and Restoration08/12/2016
Lone Hawk Farm De-Teaseling Evening08/09/2016
Georgia Pass Alpine Restoration I08/06/2016
YSI Overnight @ Georgia Pass08/03/2016
Young Gulch Trail Construction IV07/30/2016
Mt Columbia Alpine Trail Restoration07/29/2016
Big Thompson - Lower North Fork Reveg 507/23/2016
Campbell Valley Watershed Restoration07/16/2016
Brainard - Long Lake Trail Connection and Restoration I 07/16/2016
Elkhorn Creek Wildfire Risk Reduction I - Sawyer Project07/09/2016
Beaver Brook Trail Project07/09/2016
Emergency Sweed Collection At Table Mountain (NOAA)06/28/2016
Young Gulch Trail Construction III06/25/2016
O'Fallon Park Trail Restoration06/18/2016

  Showing records 1 to 25 of 569