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Event NameEvent Start Date
Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Bole Removal10/17/2015
Skin Gulch Plant Materials Collection 10/12/2015
Bergen Peak Trail Restoration10/03/2015
Campbell Valley CSU adopt10/03/2015
Dolores River Tamarisk Removal and Riparian Restoration10/02/2015
Brainard Mitchell Lake Trail Connector Part 309/26/2015
Canyon Lakes Unauthorized Road Obliteration09/19/2015
Beaver Brook Cooperative Trail Project09/19/2015
McCullough Gulch Sawyer Project09/16/2015
Fort Collins Fall Kitchen Kick-off09/15/2015
Myrtle Spurge - Spruce Gulch 2.009/12/2015
Summit Lake Seed Collection - Mt Evans - Sept. 1109/11/2015
Upper Gunnison Basin Habitat Restoration09/09/2015
All Souls Special Project at Brainard Lake08/30/2015
Summit Lake Trail & Alpine Restoration08/29/2015
Technical Advisor Social08/26/2015
McCullough Gulch Trail Reroute and Rehab08/22/2015
Brainard Mitchell Lake Trail Connector- Part 2 08/15/2015
Campbell Valley Stream Restoration 308/15/2015
Mt. Bierstadt 14er Trail Restoration II08/14/2015
South Boulder Creek Teasel Removal08/12/2015
Rock Skills Field Days at Eldorado Canyon 08/11/2015
Mt. Bierstadt 14er Trail Restoration I08/08/2015
Black Powder Pass Restoration08/01/2015
Campbell Valley Stream Restoration 207/25/2015

  Showing records 1 to 25 of 495