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Event NameEvent Start Date
Myrtle Spurge Evening 1 - Sunshine Canyon05/13/2015
Myrtle Spurge 3 - Wonderland Lake (City of Boulder)05/06/2015
Lyons Apple Valley Flood Restoration 205/03/2015
Myrtle Spurge 2 - Olde Stage Road (BoCo)05/02/2015
Skin Gulch Flood Restoration05/02/2015
Rock Creek Restoration-New Stream Channel Planting04/25/2015
Earth Week Planting at Eldorado Canyon04/24/2015
Earth Day Morning Planting at Eldorado Canyon04/22/2015
Coal Creek Flood Restoration04/18/2015
Big Thompson Willow Nursery Build Phase II04/18/2015
Lyons Apple Valley Flood Restoration04/11/2015
Working with Youth Training04/08/2015
Pawnee Riparian Exclosure Fence04/04/2015
Chico Basin Riparian Restoration03/28/2015
Instructor in Trails Crew Leading 03/20/2015
Seedling Transplant Project 2 - DMP02/24/2015
Seedling Transplant project - DMP02/18/2015
Appreciation Dinner -- Fort Collins11/20/2014
Tool Fest - Fort Collins11/08/2014
Tool Fest - Boulder 201411/01/2014
Big Thompson Willow Nursery Build11/01/2014
Colorado Gives Day Crowdfunding Webpage Party10/30/2014
Advanced Erosion Control Skills Training - FORT COLLINS10/25/2014
Campbell Valley (NR 193 adopt)10/19/2014
Canyon Lakes Unauthorized Road Obliteration III10/18/2014

  Showing records 1 to 25 of 432