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Event NameEvent Start Date
Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Wildfire Risk Reduction - Sawyer Project06/27/2015
Echo Lake Trail Restoration06/20/2015
Lefthand Canyon Invasive Weed Monitoring and Mapping #106/17/2015
Boulder Greenways Weeding-on-Wheels - Japanese Knotweed Clipping06/13/2015
Myrtle Spurge Reschedule take 3- Spruce Gulch06/13/2015
Genesee Summit Trail Project : Stewardship and Music06/06/2015
Chainsaw Training- NEW DATES!06/04/2015
Myrtle Spurge Google Half Day - Golden06/03/2015
Coal Creek Flood Restoration - Take Two: Rescheduled Date!05/31/2015
Campbell Valley Riparian Restoration05/30/2015
O'Fallon Park Trail Restoration - RESCHEDULED05/30/2015
Boulder Prairie - Med Sage Table Mountain 105/28/2015
Myrtle Spurge Evening 3 - Olde Stage Rd. Follow-up (Rescheduled from May 20)05/27/2015
President's Environmental Youth Award Ceremony05/21/2015
Myrtle Spurge 4 - North Table Mountain (Golden)05/17/2015
Myrtle Spurge Evening 1 - Sunshine Canyon05/13/2015
Myrtle Spurge 3 - Wonderland Lake (City of Boulder)05/06/2015
Lyons Apple Valley Flood Restoration 205/03/2015
Myrtle Spurge 2 - Olde Stage Road (BoCo)05/02/2015
Skin Gulch Flood Restoration05/02/2015
Rock Creek Restoration-New Stream Channel Planting04/25/2015
Broomfield Open Space Riparian Planting04/24/2015
Earth Week Planting at Eldorado Canyon04/24/2015
Earth Day Morning Planting at Eldorado Canyon04/22/2015
Coal Creek Flood Restoration04/18/2015

  Showing records 1 to 25 of 452