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Event NameEvent Start Date
Wilderness First Aid & CPR Training07/07/2018
National Get Outdoors Day Fair - Sloan's Lake06/09/2018
Seeker Series no. 2: Trekking Wild with Pemba Sherpa05/31/2018
St. Vrain Tamarisk Removal05/16/2018
Big Thompson - Forest Service Flood II 05/12/2018
Myrtle Spurge Purge IV (Evening Pull)05/08/2018
Daniels Park Restoration05/05/2018
McClelland Creek Restoration05/05/2018
Myrtle Spurge Purge III04/28/2018
Myrtle Spurge Purge II (Evening Pull)04/10/2018
Apple Valley Stream Restoration V04/07/2018
Myrtle Spurge Purge I03/31/2018
Apple Valley Stream Restoration - EXTRA03/17/2018
Fort Collins Lunchtime Seed Cleanings January 1701/17/2018
Appreciation Dinner - Boulder11/11/2017
Tool Fest - Boulder 11/04/2017
Tool Fest - Fort Collins10/28/2017
St. Vrain Creek Tamarisk Removal - Longmont10/28/2017
Vedauwoo Road Obliteration10/21/2017
Boulder Creek Restoration - White Rocks10/21/2017
Canyon Lakes Road Obliteration/Greenback Cutthroat Habitat Improvement - WRV's 1000th Project09/30/2017
National Forest Flood Restoration 1 - WRV's 1000th Project09/30/2017
Dolores River Restoration and Tamarisk Removal09/29/2017
Boulder Creek Russian Olive Removal - Sawyer Project at Kolb NEW DATE 09/29/2017
Canyon Lakes Unauthorized Road Obliteration/Greenback Cutthroat Habitat I Staging Days09/16/2017

  Showing records 1 to 25 of 663