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Seed Cleaning VI Monday Dec 09, 2019

Restoration: Pawnee Grassland V Sunday Dec 15, 2019

No experience is required. Meals are served in most cases.
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Seed Cleaning VI


Easy    ●    Afternoon    ●    Family Friendly   ●    Minimum Age: 8 (more info)
Monday Dec 09, 2019 - Number of Volunteers: 10
Join us on another one of our seed cleanings at WRV in the mist of December!!!! The seeds along with WRV appreciate your support as we heal the land.

Cleaning seeds removes chaff and other plant materials, and helps prepare them for storage and planting. Your efforts will help ensure that we receive the maximum benefit from the seed we collected.

We will have a relaxed afternoon.

THIS IS A 2 HOUR EVENT -- 2:00pm-4:00pm -- Using native seeds in re-vegetation efforts is essential to restoring native plant diversity. Often times, however, native seeds are not available commercially, they are too expensive, or the available seeds are not ecologically appropriate.

We will be cleaning seed at the WRV office in Boulder.

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for this
Restoration: Pawnee Grassland V


Intermediate    ●    Full Day
Sunday Dec 15, 2019 - Number of Volunteers: 11
Come join us for a fun day of fencing on the prairie! Pawnee National Grassland is home to abundant wildlife and recreation opportunities. It also exists in a patchwork of landownership, which means it has many miles of fencing. On this project, volunteers will work to maintain, repair and replace existing fence with wildlife friendly fence!

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