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2016 Projects
Project Name Day(s) Date(s)
Brainard Winter Trail Clearing Tuesday Jan 26, 2016

No experience is required. Meals are served in most cases.
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No Public
Brainard Winter Trail Clearing

Difficult    ●    Full Day    ●    Miniumum Age: 18 (more info)

TuesdayJan 26, 2016 - Number of Volunteers: 10

Trails around Brainard Lake Recreation Area are built to meet many uses, including snowshoeing and skiing. In 2015 WRV built a new trail connecting Brainard Lake to the Mitchell Lake Trailhead, but without snowpack to stand on, we couldn't limb the trail corridor high enough for skiers.

This invite-only project will bring a small team of trail lovers to Brainard mid-winter to snowshoe along and clear a high corridor for skiers. Clearing may also take place on side trails if time permits.

Volunteers will be given a (free of charge) warm place to sleep in the communal CMC cabin, which is fully outfitted with cooking gear, games, firewood, and random other guests who are out enjoying the winter wonder land. Don't worry, no camping required!

Volunteers must be fit enough to ski or snowshoe 4 miles along the unplowed road to reach the trail head and cabin. Volunteers will be expected to provide their own winter gear including snowshoes for the clearing project. Details will be updated as the project date approaches.

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