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2016 Projects
Project Name Day(s) Date(s)
Seaman Reservoir/ North Fork Poudre River Restoration Saturday
Aug 20, 2016
Aug 21, 2016

No experience is required. Meals are served in most cases.
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Seaman Reservoir/ North Fork Poudre River Restoration

Difficult    ●    Weekend    ●    Miniumum Age: 16 with adult supervision (more info)
City of Greeley

SaturdayAug 20, 2016 - Number of Volunteers: 15
SundayAug 21, 2016 - Number of Volunteers: 15

In the aftermath of the High Park and Hewlett Gulch Fires, increased runoff from denuded uplands dumped massive quantities of sediment into and simultaneously eroded their drainages.

One substantial tributary to the North Fork of the Poudre River was affected: destabilizing the creek bed and depositing tons of sediment in the Seaman Reservoir. In 2012, immediately after the fire, a small adventurous volunteer crew camped for a week and worked to stabilize the headwaters of this unnamed creek. Now we're looking for another small intrepid crew to return for a weekend and help stabilize its confluence with the North Fork.

Volunteers will be hiking in just over a mile along the reservoir to the mouth of the tributary camping and installing a series of in-stream timber and rock structures and planting woody vegetation to reinforce the exposed and unraveling stream corridor.

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