Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

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2006 Trainings
Training Name Day(s) Date(s)
Project Leadership Training Saturday Feb 18, 2006

Project Support/Cook Training Tuesday Mar 07, 2006

Technical Advisor Training Monday Mar 13, 2006

Crew Leader Training Friday
Mar 17, 2006
Mar 18, 2006
Mar 19, 2006

Wilderness First Aid Training Saturday
May 06, 2006
May 07, 2006

Trail Skills Workshop Sunday May 14, 2006

Eurasian Water Milfoil Training Wednesday May 17, 2006

Project Leadership Training

Easy    ●    Full Day    ●    Miniumum Age: 16 (more info)

SaturdayFeb 18, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 15

Would you enjoy working with a great team of fellow volunteers to take the helm of a WRV restoration project and lead it to success? If leadership, teamwork, project planning and getting "behind the scenes" with restoration sound like they're up your alley, you're a great candidate to become a Project Leader! Consider taking our training to become a Project Leader or Assistant Project Leader for the 2006 season.

WHAT IS PROJECT LEADERSHIP?The Project Leader works with the project leadership team, land managers, and WRV staff, and is the single person with the comprehensive "big picture" view of a project. WRV depends upon many dedicated volunteers to complete close to twenty stewardship projects on public lands each year. Most WRV projects are managed by a leadership team that includes a project leader, technical advisor, cook team, tool manager and sometimes others. The Project Leader coordinates the team and ensures that all aspects of a project are taken care of prior to the project event.

Most new Project Leaders start off as an Assistant Project Leader, working with an experienced Project Leader to learn the ropes of project management. Assisting is a great way to gradually step into the role.

**You're never on your own as a leader in WRV - fellow volunteers and the WRV staff are here to help you through every step of the process.**

? Anatomy of a WRV project
? Project management
? Leadership techniques
? Effective communication
? Proactive planning

You will...
? Learn new management skills!
? Multiply the positive impact of your volunteer hours!
? Help WRV complete more restoration work!
? Meet and work with other dedicated leaders!
? Have fun!

Cost: FREE

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Project Support/Cook Training

   ●    Full Day    ●    Miniumum Age: 16 (more info)

TuesdayMar 07, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 15

Learn the basics of project support, including meal planning, food prep, camp setup, cleanup, take down, and many other camp related support issues.

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Technical Advisor Training

   ●    Full Day    ●    Miniumum Age: 16 (more info)

MondayMar 13, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 15

Introduce WRV, the role of the technical advisor, how to be a good TA, and invite sign-ups for specific projects.

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Crew Leader Training

   ●    Multi Day    ●    Miniumum Age: 12 (more info)

FridayMar 17, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 40
SaturdayMar 18, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 40
SundayMar 19, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 40

WRV needs well trained crew leaders for the success of every project. Crew leadership is a great way to multiply the value of your time and your contribution to the stewardship of local public lands. Crew leading is also incredibly satisfying and a lot of fun! You'll learn about team building skills, situational leadership skills, proper tool usage, and volunteer care and safety. You'll be introduced to the field of ecological restoration and get hands-on practice as a crew leader doing restoration work at St. Vrain State Park. WRV is pleased to be co-hosting this training with the Colorado Outdoor Training Initiative, and St. Vrain State Park, using an excellent new curriculum. Lunch provided.

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Wilderness First Aid Training

   ●    Weekend    ●    Miniumum Age: 16 (more info)

SaturdayMay 06, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 25
SundayMay 07, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 25

Safety always comes first on A WRV project. WRV encourages volunteers, especially leaders, to take this valuable training. And, as well all know, first aid skills are valuable for life in general.

In this Red Cross certified 16-hour training, classroom and outdoor practice sessions will be combined to teach the basics of outdoor first aid. You'll learn about patient examination and assessment, wound dressing, basic splint construction, spinal cord and head injuries, hypothermia, and how to improvise first aid care with minimal gear in a backcountry setting. This training will be taught at the Boulder CMC club house. Cost: $50.

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Trail Skills Workshop

   ●    Full Day    ●    Miniumum Age: 16 (more info)

SundayMay 14, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 15

Learn the basics of how to build and maintain trails. We'll cover techniques including basic trail construction, rock steps, retaining walls, and more.

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Eurasian Water Milfoil Training

   ●    Evening    ●    Miniumum Age: 16 (more info)

WednesdayMay 17, 2006 - Number of Volunteers: 40

Aquatic ecology, EWM identification, mapping, monitoring, removal, and boot cleaning protocols

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